Welcome to the Discordian Temple of Vienna

This temple was built on the 23rd of May 2003 by the "hol(e)y discordian order of the temple of RA-Punzel"

Your entry is explicitly allowed and desired if you are a free** human beeing.
Otherwise you never saw this website. Never ever.

A Discordian is prohibited from believing what he reads. Every visitor is held liable for his/her sanity.


**If you are searching for redemption, salvation, guidance, absolution, remission, self-humiliation, praying to higher beings, self-victimization, blaming or any other "liberation" from personal responsibility in your life through higher powers, other human beings, old wisdom, all knowing scriptures or obscure theories you will find nothing in this temple.

Please appeal to any other institution that suits your need. Many fellow humans are assured to find the one and only truth exactly there. We do not want to judge who is right or wrong and so we distance ourselves from all other religions, institutions, political movements and everythign else that tells you that it holds some kind of truth that can only experiences through faith.

Them wo have not found the entry to the temple: the eye in the pyramid is the key... eternally.